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Family Ministry is John Knox Presbyterian Church’s recognition that family is important, and that together we are a church family! We recognize that some of the most important ministry that takes place every week is not within the church walls, but rather at home. With a constantly changing social family dynamic, we are compelled to walk alongside families in their own spiritual growth, encouraging and equipping parents to take on this vital role!


While the moniker “Family Ministry” is uniquely targeted at those with children still living at home, these events and gatherings are truly for the entire church family. By gathering together for fun and fellowship, we can strengthen the bonds of friendship and love. By being in worship together as a family, we connect with one another and with God. By offering special opportunities for spiritual growth, we can encourage one another in the walk of faith. Whether it’s an evening out for parents, or Sunday School for the kids, Family Ministry is part of the way of life here at John Knox.


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