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On March 1st John Knox Child Development Center formally and officially became Happy Campers Academy at John Knox!


Why the change?


John Knox Child Development Center (JKCDC) has been financially challenged for the past three years. The Session of John Knox Presbyterian Church has graciously subsidized JKCDC during this time and worked diligently to maintain the high programmatic level you have come to expect. In order to do this some things had to change. This is where Happy Campers Academy at John Knox comes into play. Happy Campers (HC) is a for profit enterprise with a proven track record. HC currently has two other centers: one at Temple Israel and one on East 15th Street.


The plan is to have HC lease space from John Knox Presbyterian Church and pay the church for space usage and utilities. Even though we are leasing to HC, we will still maintain a partnership style relationship and Christian focus while seeking to work together to make this endeavor a success. A new educational approach will be put in place as well a new culture of learning and interacting. All of our teachers and our director will remain on staff. Cindy Alonzo, owner of HC, will supervise and support our teachers as all of this "newness" is introduced.


Please take a minute to check out the Happy Campers Website at: or email Cindy Alonszo at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Both Dr. Jeff London and Larry Hinkle are at the ready should you have any questions related to the relationship between the church and Happy Campers. This is an exciting time for all involved! Good things are happening and I encourage us all to welcome Happy Campers with the hospitality we are known for!