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CDC (Child Development Center) is the pre-school and daycare program of John Knox Presbyterian Church.

Mid-Week is our "bridge between Sundays," a fun, unique church-family-oriented ministry with offerings for all ages.

Family Ministry is one of the strategies employed by John Knox Church, ensuring that our church truly feels like a family, and that all our families are being ministered to effectively.

Children are very special members of the John Knox family. We have fantastic Sunday morning and MidWeek programs available for children and their families.

Youth Ministry is valuable to our congregation, as our Jr. High and High School students are encouraged to walk with the Lord through service and mission, and are taught the principles of the Bible and the Christian faith.

JK University (formerly known as Sunday School) is vital to the spiritual formation of our John Knox Family, and we encourage all to attend classes weekly as part of their personal growth. We offer a variety of adult and children's classes.

Deacons Ministry represents the "care" ministries of the church. The deacons offer regular opportunities for our congregation to reach out to the community, while ensuring the care of our members.

Missions & Outreach opportunities are the bread and butter of John Knox. We serve a variety of local missions, while also working alongside regional and global organizations. Each of these offerings gives our members a chance to get involved in service! to the Kingdom

Music & Worship is vital to the life of our congregation. Just as we don't "label" our worship services, we do not label our music and worship styles, but rather take advantages of all the gifts God has given us.

Special Events are a great way for the whole church family to get together and have fun. We offer a variety of special events throughout the year, and every one is a hit!