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John Knox Church utilizes Ministry Teams in order to accomplish the ministry and mission of the church. These ministry teams are comprised of members of the congregation, each equipped with a unique and valuable set of gifts, who feel called to use their gifts in a particular setting.


The Session

The elected governing body of the church. To find out more about the Session, click here


Board of Deacons

The elected compassion body of the church. To find out more about the Deacons, click here


Board of Trustees

The elected trustees represent the corporation of John Knox Church, which includes maintenance of the property and ensuring great stewardship of our grounds.

Class of 2015: Susan Christian, David Henderson

Class of 2016: Dennis Elder, Ralph Manis

Class of 2017: James Chavez, John Popp, Jim Stout

JK Foundation

The elected JK Foundation is responsbile for overseeing, managing, and distributing the funds that have been established by members for the future needs of John Knox Church. Click here to find out more about the vision and goals of the JK Foundation

Class of 2015: Ted Cowan, Marilyn Murphy

Class of 2016: Ken Adams, Tim Helms, Joann Newman

Class of 2014: Jim Brown, Rick Milroy


Christian Education Team

The CE Team develops, organizes and implements the various education/spiritual formation programs of the church, including Sunday School, and programs for youth and children.

Membership Ministry Team

The Membership Team provides a warm atmosphere for visitors and members alike while visioning and implementing events that lend themselves to spiritual and numeric growth of the John Knox Family.

Outreach Ministry Team

The Outreach Team exists to develop opportunities for local, regional and global mission work.

Worship Ministry Team

The Worship Team is charged with cultivating excellence in worship opportunities, increasing participation in the worship services, and assisting all worship leaders in their functions.

Finance Ministry Team

The Finance Team is responsible for developing and maintaining the Ministry & Management Plan of John Knox Church and ensuring fiscal responsibility in all areas of church life.

Nominating Ministry Team

The Nominating Team is charged with prayerful discernment of all church officers being considered for nomination and election.

Staff Support Ministry Team

The Personnel Team is responsible for supporting and nurturing the staff and all functions of human resources.