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On May 31, 2015, the Session had an all day retreat at Circle Cinema (thanks to Clark Wiens!).  The retreat was led by Dr. John Wimberly of The Congregational Consulting Group out of Washington DC.

The purpose of the retreat was to begin discerning our purpose!

Dr. Wimerbly shared with the Session a whole host of helpful information and research regarding what makes for a healthy and committed congregation.  The Good News is that John Knox IS a healthy and committed congregation!  But if we want to remain that way, we’ve got some work to do.

Over the next few weeks we will be putting a “Planning Team” together.  5-7 diverse John Knoxers who will work on a “Purpose Statement” i.e. “What is the purpose of John Knox Presbyterian Church?”

This purpose statement will be presented to the Session and refined if needed.  Then the Session and Planning Team will host a series of “Focus Groups” where we will seek out YOUR input, not only on the “Purpose Statement,” but also on what you love about John Knox Presbyterian Church.

The next steps will include the establishment of goals and strategies that are rooted in our Purpose Statement.  The end result should be a living document that will serve as our congregational compass for the next 3+ years, and as a means to engender growth in faith and in numbers.

Additionally, the information we gather should help us better understand what gifts and talents and skills we’ll be looking for in our next associate pastor.

So stay tuned!  Hold on!  Be Patient!  We’re getting there!

Yours in Christ,